Fav Falsies

It’s no secret, lashes are all the rave these days. You can be as subtle or dramatic as you like. And with eyelash extensions becoming more popular, you really have the opportunity to get real looking lashes that will turn heads and wow, maybe even woo, those around you *wink*.

If you asked me “Laura, if you could only have one cosmetic item ever, what would it be?” I’d choose lashes every time. I love wearing falsies. I like being able to change my style depending on my mood or my makeup. I’ve tried extensions and I would certainly get them again, but on a day-to-day basis, I like being able to control the amount of pizzaz I’ve got going on.

I get a lot of comments on the style of lashes I wear. Honestly, if they don’t tickle my eyebrows, I’m typically not interested. I love me a good, long lash. The overall thickness/wispiness is the only thing I change up from time to time. With all that being said, here’s my “how to” guide of wearing and applying false lashes and examples of all my favourite styles.

How to apply lashes:

  1. Visit youtube. Ha!
  2. Sit the lash on eye without glue to see if you need to trim.
  3. Trim lashes if needed, and always cut from the outer corner rather than the inner corner.
  4. Apply a thin layer of lash glue across the band of the lash.
  5. Let sit for 30 seconds or until the glue becomes tacky (usually becomes more opaque along the edges)
  6. Place lash as close to lash line as possible, starting in the center.
  7. Open eye and check placement. You want to make sure the lash stops one or two hairs inwards on the outer corner of your eye, and isn’t too far in on the inner corner so that you don’t irritate you eye.
  8. Press/pinch your lashes together using tweezers or a lash applicator
  9. Enjoy!

I’ve tried a lot of lashes over the years, but these are my top picks. They range from $1-$15 a pair, so there’s definitely a style for every budget! I think it’s important to mention that strip lashes can be worn more than once. As long as you are clean with your glue application, and carefully peel off any excess glue after removing them for the day, they can be worn up to 20 times. I’ve worn a pair for an entire month before. If you are careful they can really last, which makes the cheaper lashes even more budget friendly!

For cleaning lashes, pick off any glue with tweezers but be careful not to pinch the hairs. You can remove the hairs or mess up the band if you do. You can use a cotton swab or q-tip with makeup remover to rub along the band only to help with this process. Rubbing alcohol can be applied along the band only in the same manor to disinfect. I don’t recommend getting the length of the lash wet because it can ruin the curl! I always keep the original packaging too to store them in.

Now for the fun stuff:

These lashes are from the dollar store! For beginners wanting to try lashes without having to spend a fortune, these are great. 5 pairs for $3 is obviously amazing. They’re not the most natural looking lash but for a night out they definitely do the trick. If you’ve never tried a lash before, they’re fun. Try them out. The “socialite” lashes are actually pretty great for a night out!


These Ardell lashes were my ride or dies for a really long time. You can pick them up at Walmart for $4.97. The 105s are long and straight. I think because they’re not so wispy or “messy” they can really pass as a natural looking style. The band is thin and easy to work with. These particular lashes are usually offered in multi-packs as well. Ardell lashes come in a large variety of styles and are inexpensive. I’ve also seen certain Ardell lashes at the dollar store for $3, so keep your eyes peeled!


I get the most compliments on these lashes that I order off of eBay. They’re also the best deal for your budget, if you’re willing to wait. They take a month or so (sometimes longer, depending) to arrive. You get a box of 5 pairs for $2. That’s it!! The band on these are a little thick. I find the best way to go about getting them prepped for wear is to run your thumb nail along the band as you would if you were curling a ribbon with scissors. This softens the band a little and also encourages the band to curve to follow the shape of the eye better. I always have to trim these ones because they’re too long. I know above I said to never trim from the inner corner but on these particular ones I cut from both ends. I make the inner lashes shorter, as your lashes would be naturally. This makes them look a little more “real” as they follow the length pattern of your natural lashes. I love these because they’re wispy but not too full so they’re not overly dramatic. They’re a decent dupe for Huda Beauty’s “Samantha” lash. Order a package, I promise you’ll love them!


My “luxury” lash of choice are my Black Magic Lashes. I saw these on an Instagram page I follow and knew I had to have them. The quality of these lashes far surpass any of the previously mentioned ones, and any others that I’ve tried. The band is strong and secure. They have a wide variety of styles and are amazingly dramatic. They also have amazing sales that include their trio packages. Definitely worth it.


From left to right: Slayer, Luminara, Lady Killer


Even Rigby likes them!!DSC_9177.jpg

There are a hundred different brands out there and a thousand different styles. I encourage all of you to buy a pair and try them out! Once you do, you won’t want to ever leave the house without them. I love the way they make me feel. Even with no makeup, long lashes just make me feel beautiful. Shop around and find a pair that speaks to you!

Here are some other popular brands:

  1. Sephora has a wide selection of various brands
  2. Huda Beauty (select styles also available on sephora.ca)
  3. Red Cherry
  4. Lotus Lashes
  5. Lilly Lashes
  6. Esqido

What are your favourite lashes?
Thanks for reading!!
xo Laura

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